DESIGN Philosophy

In a family full of engineers, I am an architect - "the creative one."

Encouraged in my love of art from an early age, as a young girl I used to create drawing after drawing for my parents of mermaids with no arms.  I couldn't draw arms to my satisfaction, so my standard of perfection demanded that the arms be left off rather than lower the level of the rest of the piece.

My standards are still high, though my artistic skill has definitely improved. I attended one of the few classical architecture schools in the U.S. where I was taught traditional hand-drafting and watercolor rendering, leading to the style I practice today.

With every client, whether for a painting or for a complete wedding suite, my goal is always to create pieces that inspire and delight coupled with service that makes the process feel effortless.

10 things about me

You already know the basics - I'm an artist and an architect, and I like complicated sentences.  Here are a few more to help fill in the gaps.

I live in the DC suburbs in a tiny townhouse with my husband, our son, and our dog and two cats. We spend most of our free time dismantling the house in the name of home improvement.

My husband and I met when I was 11, and we got "married" for a school project when we were 13. In 2011 I married him for real in my favorite DC venue, the Carnegie Institution for Science.

Though I have lived in the US since I was 5, I am a proud Canadian citizen and I try and go back to visit with family every year.

I am completely and utterly dependant on espresso.  I have a manual espresso machine, and on weekends I enjoy making that perfect latte to start the day.

Before I found out how much I loved espresso, I lived in Rome for an academic year with the rest of my architecture class.  It is still painful how little I took advantage of the coffee in Italy.

My first job out of school was in London.  Among other things, that firm was responsible for the recent remodeling of Kensington Palace.

When I was at university, my least favorite part of every project was painting it.  I always thought that I ruined my drafting work with my inferior painting skill.

My husband and I managed our 7 years of long-distance dating by playing a lot of video games together, because chatting on the phone can get old after a few years.

Related: all three of our pets are named after video game characters. Our vet is delighted by this.

In addition to my architecture degree, I have a concentration in furniture design.  My work not only won the school's furniture design prize, it also took best in show at a juried art exhibition in 2008.

Favorite Things