Featured Pet Portrait: Sadie the Labradoodle


Custom Watercolor Pet Portrait | Sadie the Labradoodle| Gift Idea

For this week’s featured pet portrait, we have spunky Sadie the Labradoodle!  Sadie’s portrait was a gift for her dad – here’s what her mom Adeline has to say about their pup:

“Sadie is a labradoodle and is from the Baltimore, MD area. Matt picked her out as a surprise for me because he knew how much I wanted a labradoodle, but I think it ended up backfiring because now she’s more his dog, hence the portrait for his birthday ”

Sadie is very loyal and caring; she is a great companion. She is also very much ball-driven; she will play fetch for hours on end, until she can’t stand up anymore.”

Thanks for sharing Adeline – I hope Matt loves Sadie’s portrait! I am still dying over the photo of Sadie cuddling her red toy; what a cutie!

sadie the labradoodle

Interested in commissioning a portrait? You can place an order for one here in my Etsy shop or contact me at jennhellerdesignco {at} gmail.com with questions.

Thanks for checking out this week’s pet portrait! As with all of our pet portraits, 10% of the portrait fee was donated to Lost Dog and Cat Rescue to help more animals find their families.
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