Featured Pet Portrait(s): Chester and Stanley!



These two handsome boys! Chester is the orange tabby on the right, Stanley the grey tabby on the left.

Their mom Jessica reached out about having portraits painted as a gift for her husband for his birthday, and I am delighted to report that she couldn’t wait the whole month to his big day and has already gifted them to him.  Good news, that means I don’t have to wait to share them with you!

Stan and ChesterHere’s what Jessica has to say about who rules the roost:

“Chester and Stanley both came from the Richmond SPCA. Chester was our first baby, we got him the week after we returned from our honeymoon. He was the kitten that made my husband love cats. Chester is our grumpy boy who sometimes likes to do things just to spite us. He loves to eat any and all plants and he can’t stand when a door is closed. He wants love on his own schedule but he gives the best head boops and that’s how we know he loves us. Chester is the biggest box fiend I’ve ever seen, we always have numerous boxes around the house just for him to play with. He also loves to drink water from the bath tub faucet, it has become a nightly routine for me to turn it on and let him drink while I get ready for bed. He is very intelligent (knows commands of sit and up, where he will stand on 2 feet) but that is usually bad for us… he knows how to open cabinets and knows exactly how to make us do whatever it is he wants from us. Chester is basically the king of the castle 🙂Chester 1

We got Stanley a year after Chester so that Chester would have someone to play with and stop beating us up (Chester plays rough!). Stanley is my sweet sweet baby. He is such a mama’s boy and I love it, he will follow me around and will always come running when I call for him. He is our cuddler, always wants to sleep on us (usually me). Stan is also the talker. He will cry if he is in a different room and doesn’t know where we are. He also talks to the birds outside and will talk back if we yell at him for being on the counters. He thinks that all people food should be for him, which is probably our fault (he’s spoiled). He gets to drink our cereal milk every morning once we’re done. We call him Mama Stan when it comes to the foster kittens because he tends to bathe them and take care of them like they are his babies.
They are both such good boys (for the most part!) and we love them!”
Oh Jessica I know exactly what you mean 🙂 So grateful I could capture them for you!
Jessica also fosters kittens and volunteers for the Richmond Animal League – thank you to Jessica and all volunteers helping with animal rescue! As with all of our pet portraits, 10% of the portrait fee was donated to Lost Dog and Cat Rescue, and I hope Chester and Stanley approve!
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